Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Classification of XML data

As part of the 7DS community extension, I will have to classify shared community XML objects using some sort of XML schema, RDF or RDF Schemas. We looked at OWL today, but that looks fairly complicated, so we may just go ahead and use RDF and RDF schemas.

Friday, April 14, 2006

PHP and web (http) servers on Windows Mobile / PocketPC

As the scope of the 7DS project expands, I'm coming up against building more involved 7DS web applications. The search and multicast engines were C programs that produced binary CGI executables, but building more involved community-based web systems is going to be hard. :(

In looking to build the new applications in PHP, I was asked to see if PHP might be supported on Windows Mobile (one of our near-future development platforms) and I found it interesting that Windows Mobile SDK has its own HTTP/web server.

Even more interesting, there have been problems porting the Zend PHP engine to Windows Mobile, so there is an alpha version of a ground-up PHP engine built for Windows Mobile with its own web server.