Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Updates: LightPeers, WORKIT, Spring semester

A few updates since my last blog post, and this is a quick summary:
  1. I finally discovered a related work to BonAHA called LightPeers. LightPeers appears to be a PhD dissertation done in Denmark, and the aim of the project is the same: develop a robust application framework for mobile P2P or ad-hoc applications. There are a few differences between BonAHA and LightPeers, but the basic concept is the same.
  2. I got the WORKIT MIPClient finally working and able to connect to a wireless AP! Yay! Now to get it connected to the WORKIT AP and test its connectivity to that system.
  3. Almost at the end of the Spring semester now. That's good and bad ... because I'll be tied up for the next two weeks with project demos, TA grading and reports ...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Photos of Soekris net5501 in Demarctech ODE-8585 Enclosure

At long last, I have photos of the Soekris net5501 in a Demarctech ODE-8585 enclosure.

This Soekris board is currently running Voyage Linux.

Thanks go to George at Columbia Univ's Physics Machine shop for putting this together.