Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wireless card woes

I'm still having problems getting the Senao wireless card to work on WRAP. :(

I am coming to the conclusion that maybe ... there is something wrong with the device itself?

I finally managed to get a copy of lspci for Bering and ran it on WRAP - I got it here

But now that I am running lspci, I don't see any wireless card on the PCI list!! :(

My last hope - that it is a PCI card with a PCMCIA - PCI bridge ... but there's not very much hope.

7DS works on WRAP

I got 7DS working on WRAP now!

I've mostly focussed on getting the wireless card to work with WRAP for the past few weeks... and in the meantime, I did some work on getting 7DS running on the WRAP board.

Here are what I did:
- Put all the 7DS binaries into 7ds.lrp
- Ran the query_receiver and it received multicast packets sent by another machine
(This was a little wierd; multicast did not work one day, but it worked the next.)

- Copied the directory structure using /home/local/sumans/ (same as on the development machines) and put this into 7ds_cach.lrp
- Copied the db.7ds.queries sqlite3 database to the appropriate place on the WRAP board

and it worked!

Also, I got the 7DS web interface and CGIs working as well. Here's how that was done:
- The website and CGIs are already in 7ds_cach.lrp
- I had to modify the mhttpd setting on WRAP and add this line:
dir = /home/sumans/local/www

and that worked as well!