Wednesday, May 11, 2005

XML parsing and more on WRAP

I finally managed to get the XML parsing with libxml working to my heart's content. For one, using the -lxml apparently uses the old libxml libraries, so I tried compiling my programs with -lxml2 and that solved a lot of compiler and linker problems.

When I finally got XML working, my GNU time functions stopped working for some odd reason. gdb told me that my program was crashing on the localtime() call - while it had been working perfectly all along! Argh!

As for WRAP box updates - I found out last week that m0n0wall, neat as it is, has no shell and a very limited interface which only allows you to change IP address and a few other elementary settings.

Our idea of installing 7DS on m0n0wall on WRAP goes out the window!

But its sibling m0n0box seems interesting and more fully featured, though I would like to see if we can use Linux on WRAP ...

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