Monday, December 12, 2005

PhD qualifiers & Installing Darwin without root account

Sorry, I've disappeared for a while since I'm preparing for the EE department's PhD qualifying exams.

I still have to install Darwin Streaming Server for the CS department's videos. My colleague Salman tipped me off to this great link on how to install Darwin without a root or su account.

But the new Darwin SS has some changes from the link that is posted. You might want to do the following instead:
- Edit the Install script so that the directories are your directories
- In Install script, comment the lines to create user qtss and the chmod lines
- Change the streamingserver.xml he mentions to update the directory links
- The new has default configuration values in the script itself, so you have to change those values rather than change an external config file.

If you are using vi, you can do the replacements by issuing the following commands:


If you are editing, you ONLY need to do that for lines 230 - 270 in the current version, because only those are Linux-specific config settings. (Replace % with 230, 270)

I basically diff'd the config and script files he had with mine and decided to just play it safe and modify the default files.

Other than that, you should hear more from me after I'm done with my PhD quals in early January ... but at that point, I'll be taking Operating Systems and a seminar course for the Spring 2006 semester.

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