Thursday, June 08, 2006

Porting 7DS from Unix to Mac OS and Windows

Right now, I'm involved in porting the 7DS system from the Linux system to run on Windows and the Mac OS X. It is really fun (!) though it might take a while to complete...

For Windows, I am currently trying Cygwin. I heard that it uses a compatibility layer and a cygwin.dll file though - meaning that Cygwin will have to be installed. I have heard about MinGW and will see if that avoids this issue.

For the Mac OS X, I first heard that we might need to install the XCode development tools, but now it looks like it is not necesssary. The Mac OS X 10.2 system I am working with already has the GCC environment, and except for dynamic library handling, it seems to compile most apps. Dynamic library loading is a problem though: I even installed dlcompat from Fink, but it still has problems! Fink, btw, is a build environment for Darwin that promises to make it easier for people to port open source apps to Mac OS.

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