Tuesday, July 18, 2006

7DS software engineering and wikis

Sorry I haven't been active for a while on this blog ... well, a few days ago, I realized I was running into a brick wall with the 7DS project, not sure of what to do, and faced with an overwhelming array of choices that I didn't know how to handle. :(

Luckily, I e-mailed Henning and met him today (with Se Gi and Andy) to get an idea of how to come to grips with the situation and proceed further with the project.

It looks like:
  1. We will release a version that has the basic features, but working.
    I think this can be released as source code with configure/make/make install, as well as installation binaries.
  2. In parallel, we will draft guidelines for future versions and see how to make 7DS more modular so that it is "future-compatible". Things like the community extensions and file syncronization will be part of the next release.
In addition, Henning suggested that we use a wiki to document our work. That's a great idea! The only thing now is to find a place to host it ... unless we have a CS-wide one.

One great wiki I've heard a lot about is DokuWiki...

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