Friday, August 15, 2008

Wireless cards, antennas and connectors

Today I hunted down a wireless antenna-cable combo to go with our wireless card, the Atheros-based Gigabyte GN-WIAG02.

I didn't realize that there were different forms of cables and antenna for wireless cards, so I had to learn more about these.

I found out on Hyper Link Tech that there are several types of these. Because the Gigabyte card is a 802.11 b/g, which runs on the 2.4GHz frequency, what I needed was a 2.4 GHz rubber duck antenna. 5 dBi seems to be fine for the WORKIT testbed.

There were some helpful pages on and Seattle Wireless that helped me find out more about the antenna, cables and connectors that are needed for wireless.

It appears that the most common connector for the miniPCI based wireless cards is the MMCX connector.

Finally decided to get the AOpen wireless antenna, which appears to have the antenna as well as the cables needed to fit the antenna onto the kit.

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