Thursday, September 18, 2008

Data-object vs communication P2P applications

It appears that there are two sets of applications that BonAHA (or any ad-hoc network framework) will have to cover and address:
  • Data-object and file-oriented: In this sort of application, the most important topic are the files and the data themselves, not necessarily the location of these. E.g.: file sharing, file synchronization, chat
  • Person-to-person communication: In this sort of app, the focus is on the person to communicate with (not even the node itself, which is an abstraction, but the person). For example: drag-and-drop file sharing, instant message
So, BonAHA will have to address which of these two models it will be targetting - and if it can, and will, target both classes of applications.

DHTs actually handle the data-object model very well, expect that their setting up of an overlay network and additional network traffic in networks with heavy churn leaves much to be desired for MANET applications.

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