Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drill Bushings from McMaster-Carr for WORKIT Soekris

Hi, I'm back after a long while ... decided to continue using my Blogspot account for work related blogs, while the CS@CU wiki can remain as a wiki for official documentation.

Today, I was looking at finding ways of getting washers/bushings to seal off the Demarctech hardware that encloses our Soekris net5501 box. Talking to George at the machine shop indicates that McMaster-Carr would be the best source of such bushings.

I think I am looking for the items under :
Machining and Clamping > Drill Jig Bushings > Drill Bushings and Liners > Drill Bushings for Soft Materials

More to come soon ... as soon as I figure out exactly what I need.

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