Friday, July 11, 2008

CCNC BonAHA paper + iptables save

Sorry, been missing a week since I was finishing up my BonAHA paper for CCNC 2009 ... along with finalizing the BonAHA SourceForge website to be ready for the paper submission.

I also discovered that for some reason, my iptables configuration outlined in And Linux is now a wireless AP router doesn't have each time I shutdown or reboot ... which means that I have to reenter it each time.

The usual way I find this out is by trying to connect a laptop to the AP to test it ... only to find that I am not able to access the Internet through it (I get an IP address fine, meaning DHCP works.)

And running "iptables-save" doesn't work either ... so apparently, I have to find another way to save the iptables configuration for the box.

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