Monday, October 06, 2008

Network programming: scalable web servers and Java NIO

While looking for network programming APIs for my candidacy, I came across two excellent papers/presentations which are not directly related to my topic, but I need to bookmark in any case...

The first one is Scalable Network Programming: Or: The Quest For A Good Web Server (That Survives Slashdot) by Felix von Leitner. It talks about the problems of building scalable web servers, from ground up, including looking at fork() code, the time involved, measurements, comparison with threads, etc. An excellent read for people who know scaling web applications is hard, but would like to know more of why from an "under the hood" approach.

The second one, Improving Java Network Programming, by Brian Runk, is a simple application-level presentation, but compares the and java.nio packages and discusses practical issues that arise while programming large-scale enterprise systems like ones built at Morgan Stanley.

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