Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Papers related to communication/networking middleware: IEEE Network

Am on the trail of papers related to work on communications or networking middleware from a high-level perspective. Been reading IEEE Network publication online all day, and found some interesting issues as well as articles that may be quite relevant:
  • (2008) Vol 22, Issue 4: Context aware networks, in mobile scenarios (whole issue)
  • (2007) Vol 21, Issue 4: GE Network Systems Architecture (whole issue)
  • (2006) Vol 20, Issue 4: VON: a scalable peer-to-peer network for virtual environments (this paper has analysis of other P2P-based NVE systems)
  • (2006) Vol 20, Issue 3: A survey of transport protocols for wireless sensor networks
  • (2004) Vol 18, Issue 1: GE Middleware technologies for future communication networks (whole issue, and is very good)
Among other things:
  • Registered and uploading final version of paper for CCNC 2009 conference.
  • Testing the new WORKIT box, which may be the final version of the box we will ship

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