Thursday, July 14, 2005

WRAP, wireless cards and LEAF

Now that 7DS runs on LEAF/WRAP, I need to figure out how the wireless card on WRAP works.

First off, the boot up screen for Bering does not show that a wireless card has been detected.

PCI: Device 00:95 not found by BIOS

Bad news? :(

After taking a close look at the miniPCI board on the WRAP board, I made out the words "SL-2511MP PLUS 2.10". A Google search reveals that it is a Senao 802.11b wireless card.

Well, I should have known this because it on the purchase invoice, but I like to do things the hard way. :(

How do we get LEAF to recognize this?

A few more hours on Google leads me to dozens of discussions on mailing lists, madwifi, hostap and Jean Tourrilhes's Linux Wireless page - which don't help me very much, because Senao is not mentioned anywhere.

But I have gotten some idea now of how wireless works on Linux.

The Senao website itself is not helpful. :(

A few more hours on Google lead to this excellent introduction to the Senao wireless cards by SeattleWireless - I learn that the Senao card is built around the Prism 2 chipset. They also say the HostAP drivers work.

Well, that's something that should get me started on getting the wireless card working...

And neat - I just found some detailed documentation of setting up a wireless card based on the Prism wireless card at!

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