Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Installing Kernel AODV for Linux

I attempted to install the "Kernel AODV" kernel module today for the WORKIT AP. Progress was relatively smooth till the last step of the make process, which called "modpost" to create the kernel module.

As expected, there were some issues with my header include files, so had to change the Makefile and include the following lines:
CFLAGS += -I/usr/include/
CFLAGS += -I/usr/include/linux/
CFLAGS += -I/home/linux-

(the last one is the custom directory where I untarred the kernel source.)

In addition, I also had to copy the following files from the kernel source directory:
  • irq_regs.h
  • device.h
  • pda.h
to /usr/include/asm, since the compiler was complaining that they were missing.

After moving all the files, the compilation went smoothly and produced all the .o files; however, it is now stuck at the last step of actually making it a kernel module using "modpost". More information coming soon.


k2 said...

hello sir,we also working on a project with kernel AODV,but we are facing some problems while using the make command.
we are using KERNEL-AODV v2.2.2 and linux kernel 2.6...we know that it is said kernel aodv is compatible with only 2.4.x kernel of linux..but can it be made compatible with kernel 2.6?

(student,delhi university)

tín trương said...

hi k2.have you worken a project with kernal AODV? you can give me a report your project, i wuant to observe about kernal AODV because i also a this project now. i am a student :D